A Poor Brother's Hymnal
Friday, March 03, 2006
  Christ, Mighty Savior
Christ, might Savior, Light of all creation,
You daytime radiant with the sunlight
And to the night give glittering adornement,
Stars in the heavens.

Now comes the day's end as the sun is setting:
Mirror of daybreak, pledge of resurrection;
While in the heavens chois of stars appearing
Hallow the nightfall.

Therefore we come now evening rites to offer,
Joyfully chanting holy hymns to praise you,
WIth all creation joining hearts and voices
Singing your glory.

Give heed, we pray you, to our supplication:
That you may grant us pardon for offenses,
Strength to our weak hearts, rest for aching bodies,
Soothing the weary.

Though bodies slumber, heart shall keep their vigil,
For ever resting in the peace of Jesus,
In light or darkness worshippng our Savior
Now and forever.

-Mozarabic, 10th c.
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All my favorite hymns. Most of them are from before the Reformation.

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