A Poor Brother's Hymnal
Sunday, December 24, 2006
  Miro Genere
Miro genere
sol de sidere
suo luxit.
De particula
sine macula
totum fluxit.
Sic a domo
summa pomo
lapsum homo
deus reduxit.
Hec virginitas
quam divinitas
matrem fecit
per quam veterem
summum hominem
ius deiecit,
a regina sic divina
lapsa refecit.

With the wondrous birth
the sun has shed
great light from its height;
from a small particle
the whole has come forth
without blemish.
Thus, from the highest house
has God as man led back him
who had come to grief
through the apple.
This virginity,
given motherhood by the Divinity,
through whom the ancestral man
has been driven
out by the highest law,
has thus restored him
through the medicine that,
once withdrawn,
flows from the divine queen.
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All my favorite hymns. Most of them are from before the Reformation.

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