A Poor Brother's Hymnal
Saturday, October 06, 2007
  Quem Pastores Laudavere
Latin lyrics English translation

Quem pastores laudavere,
quibus angeli dixere,
absit vobis jam timere,
natus est rex gloriæ.

Ad quem reges ambulabant,
aurum, thus, myrrham portabant,
immolabant hæc sincere
Leoni victoriæ.

Excultemus cum Maria
In cœlesti heirarchia
Natum promat voce pia
Laus honor et gloria.

Christo regi, Deo nato,
per Mariam nobis dato,
merito resonet vere
Dulci cum melodia.

While their flocks the shepherd tended,
Heavenly Hosts to earth descended,
Singing, with all voices blended,
"Fear not, Christ is born today."

Eastern Seers rich gifts had wrought Him,
Gold, frankincense, myrrh, they brought Him,
Guided by a Star they sought Him,
Prince of Life and Victory.

On that Child with Mary gazing,
Join ye Christians all in raising
Songs to Him Whom Heaven is praising,
God incarnate come to men.

From this day's first dawn to even,
Priase to Christ our King be given
By all Earth, an all in Heaven,
In our sweetest, loftiest strain.

C F G / Am F Dm G / Am G F C / F Dm G C
D G A / Bm G Em A / Bm A G D / G Em A D
G C D / Em C Am D / Em D C G / C Am D G

While the cows by the cowboys were tended
All the angels to the prairie descended
With the mouth harp their voices were blended
Jesus Christ has come to earth.

From the East, some Wise men were

On her baby was Mary a-gazin'
With her all good Christians are raisin'
Yippie kai yo kai yeah's and a-praisin'

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