A Poor Brother's Hymnal
Friday, November 23, 2007
  All glory to God, and peace upon earth
All glory to God, and peace upon earth,
Be published abroad at Jesus's birth;
The forfeited favour of heaven we find
Restored in the Saviour and friend of mankind.

Then let us behold Messiah the Lord,
By prophets foretold, by angels adored,
Our God's incarnation with angels proclaim,
And publish salvation in Jesus's name.

Our newly-born King by faith we have seen,
And joyfully sing his goodness to men,
That all men may wonder at what we impart,
And thankfully ponder his love in their heart.

What moved the Most High so greatly to stoop,
He comes from the sky our souls to lift up;
That sinners forgiven, might sinless return
To God and to heaven; their Maker is born.

Immanuel's love let sinners confess,
Who comes from above, to bring us his peace;
Let every believer his mercy adore,
And praise him for ever, when time is no more.

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All my favorite hymns. Most of them are from before the Reformation.

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