A Poor Brother's Hymnal
Saturday, October 06, 2007
  Jesus, Good Above All Other
to the tune of Quem Pastores

Neale's original translation Newer translation

Jesus, kind above all other,
gentle Child of gentle Mother,
in the stable born our Brother,
whom the angel hosts adore:

Jesus, cradled in a manger,
keep us free from sin and danger,
and to all, both friend and stranger,
give thy blessing evermore.

Jesus, good above all other,
gentle Child of gentle Mother,
in a stable born our Redeemer,
give us grace to persevere.

Jesus, cradled in a manger,
for us facing every danger,
living as a homeless stranger,
make we thee our King most dear.

Jesus, for thy people dying,
risen Master, death defying,
Lord in heaven, thy grace supplying,
keep us to thy presence near.

Jesus, who our sorrows bearest,
all our thoughts and hopes thou sharest,
thou to man the truth declarest;
help us all thy truth to hear.

Lord, in all our doings guide us;
pride and hate shall never divide us;
we'll go on with thee beside us,
and with joy we'll persevere!

Adam of St. Victor's original hymn with translation

Latin lyrics English translation

Missus Gabriel de caelis,
Verbi baiulus fidelis
Sacris difserit loquelis
Cum beata virgine.

Verbum bonum et fuave
Pandit intus in conclave,
Et ex Eva formans Ave,
Evae verbo nomine.

Metum pellit, dat solamen:
"Man per sacrum," inquit, "Flamen
Et virtutis obumbramen
Deo gravidaberis."

"Mater fiam," inquit illa,
"Cujus vera sum ancilla;
Salva tamen sint sigilla
Pudoris, ut loqueris."

Consequenter, juxta pactum,
Adest Verbum caro factum:
Sember tamen est intactum
Puellare gremium.

Parem pariens ignorat,
Et, quam homo non deflorat,
Non torquetur, nec laborat,
Wnando parit filium.

Signum audis novitatis,
Crede solum, et est satis:
Non est tuae facultatis
Solvere corrigiam.

Grande signum et insigne
Est in rubo et in igne,
Ne appropiet idigne
Calceatus quispiam.

Virga sicca sine rore
Novo ritu, novo more,
Fructum protulit cum flore:
Sic et virgo peperit.

Benedictus talis fructus,
Fructus gaudii, non luctus!
Non erit Adam seductus
Si de hoc gustaverit.

Jesus noster, Jesus bonus,
Piae matris pium onus,
Cujus est in caelo thronus,
Ponitur in stabulo.

Qui sic est pro nobis natus,
Nostros deleat reatus,
Quia noster incolatus
Hic est in periculo.

Gabriel, sent from heaven to carry,
As Christ's faithful emissary,
Greetings to the Blessed Mary,
Sacred words with her rehearsed:

Good and sweet the word he taketh,
As he in her chamber speaketh,
And of "Eva" "Ave" maketh,
Having Eve's name thus reversed.

Comfort gives he, fear dispelling,
"By the Holy Ghost's indwelling,
Thee the Highest's shadow veiling,
Thou," saith he, "shalt bear the Lord!"

"Be it so," by her was spoken,
"To His handmaid by this token;
Let my virgin seal unbroken
Be, according to thy word!"

As that promise thus declareth,
The incarnate Word appeareth:
But the virgin ever shareth
Still intact virginity.

Such a birth no mother showeth;
She, whom mortal man ne'er knoweth,
Pain nor labour undergoeth,
When she bears her progeny.

Of a wonder new thou hearest:
Have but faith, 'twill then be clearest:
This shoe's latchet, if thou nearst,
Thou art powerless to untie.

Great the lesson is, none higher!
In the bush and in the fire;
WIth feet shod let none draw nigher,
Lest he come unworthily.

The dry rod, without a shower,
In new manner, through new power,
Fruit produced as well as flower:
So a maid hath borne a son!

Blessed be that fruit forever,
Fruit of joy, of sorrow never!
Had he tasted its sweet savour,
Adam ne'er had been undone.

Jesus, gentle as none other,
Holy son of holy mother,
King of heaven, is, as our brother,
To a manger-cradle brought.

May He, thus for our salvation
Born, effect our guilt's putgation,
Seeing that our occupation
Of this earth with risk is fraught.

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