A Poor Brother's Hymnal
Friday, October 12, 2007
  A Song of the Five Joys of Our Lady
[H]Aile be þu Mari maiden bright!
þu teche me þe wais right,
I am a sorful dreri wight,
als þu mai se,
Quer I sal in þe hard pine of hel be:

[M]I sinful saule sighes sare,
Liued I haue in sin and care,
Leue I wil and do no mare,
mi leued fre.
Saul and bodi, lijf and dede, bi-teche I þe.

Þar þu lau in þi bright boure,
Leuedi! quite als leli floure,
An angel com fra heue ....
Sant Gabriel,
And said, "Leuedi! Ful of blis, ai worth þe wel!"

Stil þu stod, ne stint þu noght,
þu said til him þe bodword brogh[t],
Al his wil it sal be wroght,
in his ancele.
Leuedi bi-for þi suete sun mak va lele.

[Þ]E toþer ioy, I wate it was,
Als sun [it] schines thoru þ glas,
Sua ert þu leued wemles,
and ai sal be.
Leued, for þat suete ioy, þu reu on me.

[Þ]E þhrid ioy, I vnderstand,
Thre kinges com of thrin land,
To fal þi suete sun til hand,
and gaf him gift.
Mir, reclis, and gold red, als it was right.

Þe king was riche, þe gold was rede,
þ reclis fel til his goddhed,
Mir to man þat sal be dede
for vr sake.
Leuedi! to þi suete sun at ane vs make.

Þe feird, it es al thoru his grace
Quen he fra dede to lijf ras,
QUen he sua hard suongen was
on rode tre;
Leuedi! of vr sinnes al Þu make vs fre.

[Þ]E fijft, Þu was til heuen broght,
Þe iuus Þe soght and fand Þe noght,
Als Þi suete sun it wrought,
almighti king.
Leuedi Mari! be vr helpe at vr ending.

Leuedi! for Þi ioies flue,
Þu kid i might and help vs suith,
Leuedi Mari! moder o liue
wid flur and fruit.
Rose and leli Þu sprede ay wide, and helpe Þi suite.

Leuedi Mari! wele Þu wast,
Þe feindes fraistes me ful fast,
wele I hope I sal Þaim cast
Thoru might of Þe.
Quen I neyen Þi suete nam, I get Þaim fle.

Þir iois er said als I can sai;
Mi site, mi soru, I cast away,
Nu help me leuedi wele Þu may,
and be mi spere.
Fra Þe har pain of hell Þu me were.

All Þat singes Þis sang,
And all Þat ligges in paines strang,
Þu lede Þaim right Þar Þai ga wrant,
and haue merci
On all Þat rous Þat godd was born of Þe, fair leuedi!

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